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Stop and smell the roses and take the time to dance

Posted on December 3, 2013 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger

Wouldn’t it be nice if us adults could view the world from the eyes of a young child? To not judge or ridicule? To see pretty much everything as an adventure and each day filled with new things to explore and learn?

It amazes me every time I go visit my granddaughter, Paige how much the 22-month old is learning and growing in between our visits.

She’s pretty much got the colours and shapes nailed and can pick out both when asked. The grandma loves the way she says, “purple octogon”!

She is counting pretty well, too, but I don’t think she likes the number four as she usually skips that one and during the last visit, she was busy learning her alphabet. Well, more like I was singing the ABC’s to her and she was dancing to song and trying to repeat the letters. I have no doubt that when I go visit her next time, she will have mastered that, too.

About a month ago when her mom and I had her at the park, little Paige would take complete interest in the simplest things she could find; like leaves and twigs. As she would pick it up to examine it, we would gently explain what it was and why it was laying on the ground.

There’s that old saying about stopping to smell the roses and it really is important for people to just slow down to enjoy the simple things and the beauty that one can find in the simplest things; even if it is a twig.

Paige loves to dance and loves music. Something as simple as the alphabet will have her swaying back and forth, swinging her arms, and reveling in the sound. (These days, she does some of her dancing in front of a mirror as she watches and learns how her body can move.)

There is no reason why us big people can’t be just as enthused about nature, music, and learning. Learning does not have to be chore and it isn’t a chore if we enjoy learning and exploring new things. I suppose the daily grind gets in the way of some of that.

Anyway, any time I need a good pick-me-up, I go see Paige. She loves her grandma time and I love marveling in the changes and growth. That little girl makes me laugh every time. Such a delightful child, she is.

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