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I’m going to Cali, baby

Posted on February 4, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Cassie Weiss

I’m going to California, and boy, I have never been so excited!

It was the first big spontaneous decision I have made in a long time, but it was one that must have been meant to be.

When my favourite musician announced their tour dates, the only Canadian listing was for Toronto. Knowing exactly how expensive it is to fly to Toronto, I gave up hope of being able to see them.

Concert tickets in Toronto were over $150, and the plane and hotel at least twice that number.

It was a bit of a let down, knowing I wouldn’t be able to see them this time. I just took a deep breath and told myself I would catch them next time around.

That was when a good friend messaged me. She told me that concert tickets in the USA were half the price of the ones in Canada.

Having had friends who had just driven across Canada in three days, I figured I was going to be that person now.

“Do you have your passport?” was the first question I asked her. Although it was a no, I knew she would have plenty of time to apply before the dates.

Looking into it, we decided California would be the closest and best place to drive to.

But the trip still wasn’t official. Tickets didn’t go on sale for another couple of days, but there was no way we were backing out of this now.

Waiting till the next Monday was torture, but we did it. Putting together our combined dollars we purchased two tickets each. There was no going back now.

We still don’t have our trip planned. I’m waiting until the end of February when she comes and visits me here. We will sit down, buy a map, and figure it out completely.

That is what I can’t wait for. We already have a base of what we want to do.

The plan is to drive to Los Angeles, then check out Hollywood and Santa Monica. From L.A. we are going to Irvine for our concert. The next day we are going to take the Pacific Coast Highway up to San Francisco, where our second concert is.

After that concert is over, we’ll sleep off the party, then head into the city to check out Alcatraz.

Unfortunately we will only have a week, or just a little over, so not too much time for site seeing, but believe you me, I will be coming back with more photos than any one person should probably take.

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