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My Valentine’s Day…? What Valentine’s Day??

Posted on February 18, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Cassie Weiss

Is it wrong of me to say that Valentine’s Day is a joke? Obviously that is a personal opinion, but I full heartedly believe it is 100 per cent a huge, hilarious joke.

Now some of you may be thinking I have this attitude because Katlyn and I just broke up, but nope. I have always had this view on Valentine’s Day. It has always been a ploy for chocolate and card companies to wreck havoc on chequebooks.

Women make men feel guilty when nothing is done, or when that ring they picked out isn’t the one waiting for them when they get home from work.

Things are expected from partners that really aren’t fair, like flowers, chocolates, expensive jewelry, a special supper, and so many other things.

It makes me sick really. Why is Feb. 14 so special? It isn’t. That is the pure and simple truth.

Feb. 14 is just another day, and so are the emotions and feelings that come with it.

Why should special activities be performed on this day, why not every day?

People don’t need a day to say “I love you”. It should just be a reaction of being in a relationship, of being in love.

I spent my Valentine’s Day no different than any other. I spent it dealing with car insurance, with work, and with friends.

I woke up, let out the dogs (I’m babysitting a friend’s pup), fed the cats, drove a friend to work, and then drove myself to work.

I laid out the paper, then I drove home, and then I drove back to work at the theatre. I served customers, I drank some pop, I ate some popcorn, and I went to a movie.

I took some selfies, I spent the day on Facebook and Snapchat, and I ate a couple chocolates from a friend at work.

This was my Valentine’s Day, and you know what, it’s been the best Valentine’s Day I’ve had so far, full of things that normal people do.

There were no cards, no flowers, no smooshy romance movies. It was just another day.

As it should be. You love someone you should tell them, not wait for one special (or not) special day to show you care.

My friends, this year, were my valentines, and you know what, it was perfect.

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