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Posted on March 4, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Cassie Weiss

“Goodbye doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.” Wise words said by a friend of mine when I told him I was leaving.

We both knew that me moving away would be hard, but those words were comforting. They are the words I sit here thinking about as I say the same thing to you.

A surprise to most of you reading this, but in two weeks you will no longer see my face or name in the Cypress Courier. I have handed in my resignation and I am saying goodbye.

Having decided on something bigger and better, I found myself growing too much for what Medicine Hat had to offer.

I moved back here when Kat and I got together, and now that him and I are apart I find myself being drawn back to the city, the place where I had always felt the most at home.

Calgary calls me, and it was fate in the way it happened, showing me that it really was time to move, time to leave my hometown in the dust, pack my bags, and leave.

But the decision wasn’t an easy one, as I remembered how good you have all been to me in the past two and a half years.

I remember each and every one of the stories I’ve done; maybe not off by heart, but I remember them; and I remember each and every one of you.

All of you are the reason I stayed as long as I did, because there were some hard days where I thought about leaving. But it was the kind words and the praise I would get from you that kept me going, that helped me learn to love my job.

I will miss the guys from Cypress County, who took me under their wing, teasing me daily about my name being said Cassy instead of Cassie. Bugging me about my ever-changing hair colour.

I will miss the random people on the street who pick me out of the crowd, simply from the photo that goes along with this article.

Even those connections I’ve made, where certain people have become so much more than just an interview, they’ve become a friend.

All of you, really, will be missed, but I welcome the end of my era with open arms.

I don’t know who will replace me, but I hope you welcome them with open arms, the way you welcomed me.

March 15 will be my last day, and then my friend and I are off to experience the great big world of Calgary.

Wish me luck, because I am slightly terrified.

So to all of you, who have stuck with me since the beginning, ta ta for now, because remember, “goodbye doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.”

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