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Paige and grandma climb to the moon

Posted on March 11, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger

One day last week, I was able to spend a few hours baby-sitting my granddaughter, Paige and I can honestly say that each time I visit with her, it is a learning experience for both of us…and in a fun way, of course.

On this visit, I saw that her parents had put up the most marvelous night light in her room. High up on the wall, is a moon that lights up with a remote. With a click of a button, the moon lights up from a crescent moon, to quarter-moon, and so on until Paige has a nice, bright full moon in her bedroom. Seriously, every kid who likes the moon and stars needs to have one of these.

The little two-year old showed grandma how her moon worked and was quite delighted that she has her very own moon right in her bedroom.

Soon, I was lifting her high up so she could actually touch the moon and like all things young toddlers like to do, this got repeated multiple times and in between other activities like reading, singing, and playing with building blocks (we built a house for her little toy, “Eggboy”, named so because he is shaped like and egg).

After a half dozen times of climbing to the moon, I showed her in the mirror how tall she was when grandma was holding her up high. Again, she was delighted. “Wow, am I ever tall!”

She and I had so much fun together that day and for once she was not tearing down the block house as soon as we built it. She put Eggboy inside and told him to go Nite, Nite.

A few more climbs to the moon (this grandma’s arms are getting tired by this point!) and Paige’s mom and dad were home.

Of course, Paige had to show mommy and daddy how she and grandma climbed to the moon and she was able to touch it. That little girl was so proud of herself I’m sure she would have told the world if she could have.

Anyway, I had just as much fun as Paige did the other day and any time she wants to climb to the moon, I will happily do it.

In fact, whenever she wants to reach for the moon and the stars in the real world too, I will be there to help her with the climb and boost her up with all my might. That’s what grandmas do!

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