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Some people’s taste buds sure are strange

Posted on April 1, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger

If there is one thing I have really noticed since checking out Facebook, it’s that people really like food. And judging by some of the pics and recipes being posted, some people really, really like food. All right, I will admit that I have tried some of them. If I see one I like, I bookmark and hope I have all the ingredients, otherwise it will mean another trip to the store.

Now, some of these pics make the food look mighty mouth-watering and it’s no wonder some folks have this obsession with sharing all things food on Facebook.

On the other hand, there are some things I would never, ever be making in my kitchen. My daughter posted her breakfast plate this morning. Lots of raspberries and sliced kiwi…so far, so good, but things go downhill from here.

She had a couple of nice looking over-easy eggs on that plate and it got me hungry for eggs. That is until she mentioned that she had sprinkled cinnamon on top of them!! (One of my sisters later piped in that she sometimes puts nutmeg on her eggs!)

Yuck!! (Mind you, I don’t care for pumpkin pie, so it likely has something to do with the nutmeg AND cinnamon.)

Also sitting on the plate was half a banana, with a spread of pure peanut butter and this too, was sprinkled with cinnamon. Ok, that might not taste too bad.

As I started thinking about it, I wondered where the heck do people come up with this stuff? Do they accidentally grab the wrong spice bottle one day and voile, they have a new favorite meal? Who would have thought to put cinnamon or nutmeg on their eggs, for gosh sakes?

Me, I’m a simple meat and potatoes gal, that is until I get on a salsa kick, but I never get too crazy with my cooking. I like it that way.

Others, on the other hand, don’t mind venturing into the unknown with their cuisine and make sardine and pickle sandwiches as a snack, for example.

I’m sure there are people who would find some of my concoctions odd, too, but I can’t think of anything I like to eat that would turn anybody’s stomach. Hmmm, I’ll have to think a bit on that one.

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