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Four strong winds (Part 2)

Posted on July 11, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston

Its financial foundation. Compared to the other G-7 nations (once know as G-8 when it included Russia), Canada has become a marvel in the world’s eyes when it comes to finances. I have no idea exactly what Harper and his people have done, but they’ve done it right. I think low interest rates are one of the key factors.

The nations of the world should sit up and take notice how the Conservative government has weathered the financial storm over the past decade. Can you imagine an NDP government in Ottawa succeeding like this? I didn’t think so. I don’t think we appreciate how strong our economy is, compared to other nations

Its political perspective. My ideal would be to have a conservative government in power, both in Ottawa and in every province, with the left (or the liberals: the terms are interchangeable) in opposition. You’ve read it here before: Never, ever reverse it; we’ve seen too many provinces and the havoc the left-leaning governments have wreaked.

As you are well aware, I lean to the right of things—conservative morally, fiscally, socially, among others. Things work better for all, in my biased opinion, when things are, well, right.

Its moral roots. The Canada I was raised in, of course, is not the Canada I live in–those good old days, when right was right and wrong was wrong. Every institution, from the church to the courts to the family (even the arts), were held to higher standards back then. It was a safer place to live, think, and inhale.

There is a spirit of tolerance today, but that’s all it is, namely, a spirit. There’s no substance to it. It is a selective and inconsistent tolerance, and far too many people have been duped into thinking we’re a better society because of it. No, friend, we are actually far worse off than we were even ten years ago.

Its natural wealth. Primary resources, from fishing to logging to farming to mining to fishing again (from British Columbia to Newfoundland in that statement). Drag it, log it, harvest it, drill it, extract it, then drag it again. We are rich beyond our limited ability to pull prosperity out of the water, ground, or air. We need to get back to improving those fundamentals.

I am grateful for those men and women who risk life and limb to fish, log, farm, mine, and fish again. They are an essential service to extracting all the varied wealth that lies at our feet. We need to do whatever we can to continue to support them. Reigning in environmental extremism and managing said resources responsibly has also been a key factor.

Its global influence. We’re not much when it comes to, say, soccer, I suppose, but the world is much bigger and more needy than a soccer field. We have an army, but there is more to solving the world’s problems than shooting the enemy. Canada has always been the leader in humanitarian aid and peacekeeping support. The world is a healthier and safer place because of Canada.

We’re usually one of the first two countries to rush to the aid of others when natural disaster strikes. I’ve said this before, but the freedom-loving democratic countries certainly have it right when it comes to helping their fellow-humans. Rarely, if ever, do we see those Muslim-based (and socialist-based, for that matter) countries rise to the occasion.

Its personal appreciation. I was born here almost 60 years ago and I have no plans to leave. The thought of the Bahamas appeals to me, but only for the month of February. I need to stay somewhere where I can whine about the weather, hockey, price of wheat, the price of gas, and politics in a meaningful way. And if not meaningful, at least in a loud way.

So, Canada, you’re one hundred and forty-seven years old. I hope I’m as robust as you are, if and when I reach that age. When you were my age, it was the “Roarin’ Twenties,” and it would be nice to hear you roar again.

Happy birthday to you, Canada.

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