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The airport – Fears and emotions

Posted on October 14, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Carlie Connolly

Traveling alone has become one of my favourite things to do over the last couple of years. It has been such an adventure traveling back and forth from Halifax to Toronto for school. You don’t know anyone but yourself. You can eat that amazing local coffee shop bagel and just indulge and be by yourself and not worry about how it looks to be alone. You can get away and just take a break in your life from everyone and everything.

The flying part can also be extremely nerve wrecking because when turbulence occurs, it can feel like you are going to die, but if it’s smooth, it’s perfect. Night is the most beautiful time to fly, and for this Thanksgiving weekend, I will be flying overnight to Halifax from the Calgary airport, looking out the window and seeing all of the lights from up above. It feels as if you are in the stars, looking down at the incredible world we live in. Hearing the intercom can also be strangely exciting with announcements for departures and arrivals from all over the world, our world with six billion people and so many places to explore, to learn, to love.

The best part of the airport is definitely arriving back from where you came from. To say hello rather than goodbye, to be home; it’s the best feeling in the world. That anticipation while you’re standing waiting for your luggage and knowing that your family is on the other end of those double doors. It’s the feeling I got with my family and my boyfriend, as I was coming back from Halifax after a hard couple of months with stress and assignments. You then become impatient because all you want to do is just be home. Finally after seeing your luggage appear on the tarmac, you make a run for it, knowing you will soon be home. It’s the most amazing feeling ever to walk through those automatic double doors to see them on the other side to greet you with a big smile and open arms. For me its tears of happiness as I run into the arms of the ones I love. After a long flight, stressful workload at school and a long period away from family and friends back home, the tears just automatically come pouring out. Home for the holidays is the greatest feeling that one could possibly ever feel, for me, that’s exactly the case, and I cant wait for this Thanksgiving in Halifax!

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