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My mother likes to scoot

Posted on October 21, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger

Those of us who can just jump in our vehicles and go wherever we like on a whim often take that privilege for granted. For people who have trouble getting around on their own because of mobility issues, they must rely on others for rides or public transportation to get where they need to go and quite often, the timing is not convenient, so much time is spent sitting and waiting for the taxi or bus.

My mom is one of those people with mobility concerns of her own. Never able to drive a car, she always relied on dad or others to take her places. When dad was no longer able to drive, her options became more limited.

Well, a few months ago, she went out and bought herself a scooter. We teased her about ‘pimping her ride’ when she attached the side mirrors (so she can see others better) and flag (so other motorists can see her better).

Pretty much every day, she runs errands, gets her vegetables, goes to the Redcliff Museum, or just takes a drive around town and she can do all of these things when it is convenient for her.

The family likes that she can get out and do things on her own and we’re sure mom likes her new wheels to get around.

She does worry, as do the rest of us, that other drivers will not see her when she is out and about on her scooter, and while she says that most motorists are very good, there are some who are impatient or just don’t see her when she has the right-of-way. So, she is very cautious when she is out scooting, especially on some of the busier roads or on streets that are narrow.

Still, I am glad mom has her new wheels to get around. At least until the snow starts to fly, she will be making her daily trips uptown to run errands. Once winter sets in, however, the scooter will get parked in the garage until the spring thaw and she will have to rely on others again for a few months.

So drivers, be alert of your surroundings. Watch for that little orange flag that indicates somebody traveling on a scooter. That somebody may be my mom and we want her to have fun with her scooter and get home safe.

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