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People really do care

Posted on November 18, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger

There is no rhyme nor reason as to why some things happen as they do, why when it seems like you are almost at your breaking point when something else happens to give it all balance, and you come through it all in one piece.

We all go through the ebbs and flows of life, all must muster the tough times so we can really appreciate the good times. I, for one, believe that to not take the good times for granted, one must have those not-so good times, as well. In fact, if you didn’t have those rough times, how would you even know just how fortunate you really are?

The people you run into on the street may be going through turmoil, but outwardly appear happy and without worry. They may seem to be riding high when you see them, but privately, they may be struggling as they deal with a crisis, a tragedy, or other stress.

Most of the time, people keep these things close to the chest because they do not want to burden others with their problems. But, if they did share, there are people who may be able to take a bit of the pressure off and really, just want to help. No questions asked.

Such a situation just happened the other day when a couple I know saw a post on Facebook about a family in need. The father is having serious health issues, can not work or drive, and was worried about not being able to provide a Christmas this year for his children.

My friends sent the father a private message, asking him what he needed for his family; then went out and purchased Christmas decorations, gift cards, and will deliver the family some gifts in December.

Now, my friends are currently going through good times, with few, if any, financial worries, have a roof over their head, food for their family, cars to drive, and steady employment. And, they just wanted to take one burden away for this father so his family can have a merry Christmas and he can put his focus on regaining his health.

My friends have not always been in this comfortable position. They, like everybody else, have seen their share of hardship and turmoil and have a full understanding of what this man is going through, so they just wanted to do what they could to help.

If they hadn’t have had their own previous experiences, would they have been as caring and giving? Quite possibly, but they were able to relate to this man and all he is going through.

I am grateful for people like my friends who are so willing to selflessly give to make somebody else’s life a little brighter. If that man had not sent out a plea for help, nobody would have known and he would have suffered in silence.

While privacy is important, sometimes it is all right to ask for help. People really do care.

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