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Just that kind of winter

Posted on December 9, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Carlie Connolly

Believe it or not, winter is one of my favourite times of year. One big reason is the holidays. There is just something about Christmas time and December that is so magical to me. Everyone is a little nicer and jollier than other times of the year. With winter though comes cold and unlucky days. Those unlucky winter days have happened to me not once, not twice but three times already! The first time, my car wouldn’t start, the second time my fan in the car didn’t work, which means no heat, and the third and worst time, my furnace broke down in my house. Talk about the timing of everything too. Cold and unlucky is how I’d say my winter in Alberta has gone thus far. I mean, give me a break here!

With this time of year also comes the shortage of money. As a 22-year old with my first every job, I’m not a millionaire or anything close to it. I’m starting my Christmas shopping now, and my New Years resolution of saving my money! Christmas shopping is actually one of my favourite things to do for people. I absolutely love seeing the look on my loved one’s faces when they open their gifts. With my coffee in hand, I will be shopping for hours around the mall, looking for that perfect gift for the right person. My favourite person to shop for would definitely be my mom, because she’s not picky when it comes to gifts like me. She gets so excited with anything I get her. Then comes my sister, she’s a little on the picky side, so with her I just buy her gift cars so she can do the picking! My dad is the hardest to shop for. How do I shop for men? It’s the toughest thing to do because find they are always changing their ideas on new gadgets and such that they want. My boyfriend will be the easiest as I live with him and know just what he needs!

Overall, it’s been a tough winter so far, but lots of good things have happened too. I’ve attended many events and met many amazing people who I’ve had the pleasure to interview. There are many more great things to come, including going home to Toronto to see the family! I’m counting down the days till I’m home, curled up on the couch and just seeing there faces and catching up on life. Until then, let’s hope there aren’t too many unlucky things to come, like say missing my plane or a long delay. Fingers crossed!

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