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The best day ever

Posted on January 27, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger

On Saturday morning, I was really missing my little grand-daughter. Well, she’s not so small any more. She just turned three years old, so she’s a big girl now.
I realized I had not seen her or my daughter and family since Dec. 23 and missed seeing them over the holidays because of my daughter’s work commitments. No thanks to her co-worker who did not show up for her shift on Christmas night or on New Year’s Eve, forcing my daughter to work double-shifts both days and missing time with her own family. But, that is whole other rant!
Back to my grand-daughter.
I decided to take the drive in to spend some time with little Paige. Knowing my mom was watching her for the day, I figured my mom might be able to use an extra pair of hands just in case Paige got too active.
We had lots of fun playing and I have a feeling she may have been missing me too because she kept saying, “I love you, grandma!”
That alone made the trip in all the more worthwhile.
When my daughter came to pick her up, she asked if I would watch her again for a couple hours in the evening so her and Mike could go work out. Of course, I said yes! Yay, a bit more Paige/grandma time!
She was so well-behaved and although she was not quite as active as she had been during the day, we still had plenty of fun.
But, I knew when she asked to watch “Harold and the Purple Crayon”, she was starting to get tired.
So as she laid on the couch watching her favourite badtime cartoon, I rubbed her back and her little hand until she started dozing off.
It took only about five minutes for her to drift off to sleep once I put her in her bed and mommy and daddy soon were to come home.
I am so glad I made the drive in to see them.
Best day ever!

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