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Never a fan of Valentine’s Day until now

Posted on February 18, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Carlie Connolly
I’ve never been one of the sappy types, who goes all out for certain occasions, especially Valentine’s Day. When that date came up on the calendar back when I was in school, I avoided it like the plague. I considered myself the Valentine’s Day Grinch who never went out on that day, because well, I have never had a Valentine in my entire life. The only good Valentine’s Days I’ve had was with my friends in university and when I was a little girl with my parents. They took me out to dinner and bought me a little gift of cinnamon hearts and pink clothes. Those were the good times!

In my opinion though, Valentine’s Day is so overdone. I feel like everyday should be love and appreciation day towards your other half whether that be family, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. Even though my family isn’t nearby, I still make the time to call them and tell them how I much I love them, no matter how far away they are.
I’m happy to say that this year I am not avoiding this day like the plague anymore. I’ve had it circled on my calendar, ‘My first Valentine’s Day.’ This sounds cheesy, but I’m so excited to have someone I can go out to dinner and a movie with. I finally get to get dressed up and enjoy in the overdone occasion.
The one thing I have always been is crafty. I did some research and got the perfect gift that includes beer, decorative wrapping, and a picture of us at the very beginning of our relationship… so maybe a little sappy!
I’ve of course been watching the news a lot lately and I am so disappointed in the tragic events that have been occurring around the world due to such violence and inexcusable actions. I just think everyday should be about love and that the world would be a way nicer place if everyone just loved each other and respected each other. It sounds simple, but in my opinion that is the key to happiness in life… love and respect.

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