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The best year of my life

Posted on March 17, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Carlie Connolly
I could write about a hard-hitting news topic, but I want to write this about my one year anniversary with my incredible boyfriend. I celebrated my anniversary on March 15 with champagne and a reflection of amazing memories from the first days of our relationship. I don’t usually tell many people about my personal life but this is a story worth sharing and a story that is so unique to say the least.
I met my boyfriend Jay online when I was attending my last year of university, and instead of meeting people drunkenly at a bar or in class, where there were a majority of women, I decided to give online a chance. After talking to a few creeps and people I had nothing in common with, Jay and I began messaging a lot. We clicked instantly and decided to Skype. It was then that he realized I was a plane ride away and was a bit disappointed as he thought I was in Toronto. That didn’t stop him. After talking for a month straight, watching movies online together, having dinner dates and laughing for countless hours, he decided on a whim to fly out to see me in university. This of course did not fly with my parents and my dad met him before me! That was the deal. So, after shaking my dad’s hand and having a coffee with him as my dad wanted to make sure he wasn’t some axe murderer, Jay got the stamp of approval and was off to Halifax.
I had never believed in love at first sight until he came out that weekend and we both said I love you on the very first day.  He asked me to be his girlfriend in the pouring rain beside the ocean… amazing fairytale! People thought we were nuts, but people knew that this wasn’t just some fling. This was the real deal. We finished each other’s sentences, we laughed till we cried and we looked at one another as if we knew each other more than anyone else in the world. People knew we were meant to be.
That weekend wasn’t enough and so he decided to come out again the following week and the rest was history.
Fast forward just a few months after becoming a couple, we were on the road in a UHAUL, starting our life together in Alberta. Yes, people thought we were still nuts moving in after just three months, but fast is our speed as we truly feel we were meant to be.
I truly feel like the luckiest girl to have a man travel with me across Canada and who thinks the world of me. I am so blessed.
One year later, we still look at each other the same as we did in Halifax, laugh till we cry but love so much more.

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