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Graduation season sparks feelings of hope

Posted on May 19, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

Graduation season is always a time that has me so very much impressed with today’s young people.
Attending several ceremonies each year, I hear about all that they have accomplished already in their young lives and the plans they have for the coming years and I am always impressed with their achievements and goals.
Graduating from high school is such a huge milestone and no doubt, each grad is filled with mixed emotions; a little sad perhaps that they are saying good-bye to classmates and for some, to their hometowns as they prepare to get ready for college, for travel, entering the military, or for working.
There is the anxiety of the unknown, of not knowing what lies ahead and while it can make one anxious, it is also exciting to embark on these unknown paths.
There will be challenges ahead, that is for certain, but there will also be successes, joyous occasions, and lots more memories to be made. And, I have no doubt that the graduating class of today is well-prepared for what every curveballs, good or bad, get tossed their way.
Graduation ceremonies are always filled with wise words of wisdom from people who have taken their own paths and found their own successes in life. Each story is unique and each person’s path is unique. Each person finds their niche, their path, their passions, and pursues it.
Today’s youth is driven, ambitious, and focused, so for those reasons alone, they will find success on whichever path they choose to take. The proud expressions on the faces of family members in the audience at the ceremony tells me that they too, have confidence in their children and proud of the successes they have already accomplished.
Congratulations to all of our 2015 graudates!

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