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Enjoying the splendors of the outdoors

Posted on May 26, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Tim Kalinowski
Summer appears to finally be rearing its head this week after a chilly month of May. I am not much of a gardening enthusiast, but I do love watching the natural cycles of trees and flowers as they progress through the year. I don’t think there is anything better than sleeping out under a nice shady tree on a warm day during the summers months. That is if the darn mosquitos stay away and let me be.
When I am not snoozing the afternoon away I enjoy being out in the wilds following a creek as it curves its way out onto the prairie or amongst the forest canopy of the Cypress Hills.  Fly-fishing rod in hand of course. That is if I’m not searching amongst the grasses for the threads of spiders and caterpillars which wend their way through the green in an endless pattern of silk.
These simple creatures create elaborate mazes which require a depth of comprehension no human being possesses. Don’t believe me? Sit down on your lawn and put your eye on a level with the grass. The glittering light of the early evening reveals the silky pattern.
I notice these things because I have trained my eye to see it through years of outdoor activity. I guess being a former nature guide helps too in that respect. Or maybe it’s a product of being a farm kid. One has to notice the rhythms of the annual cycle in order to get the best out of your crop and your fields.
Ever notice how trees are never still? They move constantly, leaves shimmering and branches swaying. People tend to think of trees as being stolid and statue-like, but nothing could be further from the truth.
We do not notice the more subtle movements of trees and plants because we’re usually burning by them at over 100 km/h. We think we are so fast, but really our movement is slow motion when viewed with a cosmic eye. The earth rotates on its axis at 1670 km/h. Now that’s fast!
So what lesson am I not so subtly hinting at in the previous paragraphs? Get outside!!!
Put the devices away. Turn off the television. Put the computer into sleep mode. Leave the car keys hanging on the wall. And hide the video games from the kids!
Summer is nearly here. The days are longer. The weather grows warmer. The blue sky, the green prairie and the dancing trees along the park paths beckon. Rover whines at the door and presents you with his leash. The spokes of your bicycle glitter and shine and call for the road to meet them. The kids are driving you nuts and need to be run out of energy for their own good and your peace.
Nature is calling you out into the open air. It’s a collect call. Will you accept the charges?

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