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Trump for president…Say, what?

Posted on July 28, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger
So Donald Trump has thrown his hat in the ring to run for president of the United States. At first glance and before he opened his mouth, I thought, “Okay, here is a business leader who has made a boatload of money building his empire over the years. Maybe, in order for the U.S. economy to return to get back to some kind of normalcy, a person with a solid business background and not just with political aspirations was what would be needed.
Then, Trump opened his mouth and placed his left foot squarely inside it when he spoke about his views on illegal immigration, particularly from Mexico. I believe he was speaking about all illegal immigrants when he said illegal immigrants were a bunch of criminals and not just illegal immigrants from Mexico.
Had he toned down his statements to say that law-abiding immigrants can go through legal channels and apply for immigrant status and illegal immigrants should not be given a free pass, then maybe he would have not become the spectacle on major news networks that he has become.
In fact, a lot of people would agree with him. They just don’t agree with the arrogance and painting all illegal immigrants (Sorry, I can’t bring myself to call them undocumented immigrants when they entered the country illegally).
Instead of coming out throwing verbal punches at anybody who gets in his way, he needs to tone it down and get to the heart of the issues and I thought he was starting to do that.
Then, he just went and inserted his right foot in his mouth when he wrongly singled out John McCain for not being a true war hero. It was then that I kind of jumped on the bandwagon and thought he had completely lost it and any chances of becoming leader of our neighbours to the south.
If only he could stick to the issues; discuss them and offer solutions, then I think he may actually have a shot at something. It doesn’t help when the media continue to ask him about these two issues and not questions that actually might hold some weight. As long as they keep asking him the same questions about the same issues, that is what he is going to talk about.
I did notice on Sunday when he was being interviewed that the rhetoric and arrogance had been significantly turned down a few notches. Maybe with all that wealth that he boasts about, he has finally hired a public relations staff to help him out a bit.
Like him or not, he is riding high in the current polls and people do like his shoot-from-the-hip approach. Now, only he can learn how to be respectful of his opponents and learn how to debate without arguing, those polls may materialize into something.

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