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Conserve your vote

Posted on September 29, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston
There are certain professions that I could never do. I know I’ve used that line before, but it’s still a good one, and after all, it is my column.
For example: I could never be an actor, for example. My whole life would be consumed with trying to impress people, living up their expectations, saying things that were not my words, and I would only be as good as my last movie. It would also mean that I would strive to be as liberal, brainless, and out of touch as most of Hollywood is.
Nor could I be a paramedic, EMT, EMR, or EMS (or maybe EMP-TY). It takes a really special person to answer that sort of call. With the first emergency phone call, I would go home, grab my teddy, and hide under my bed. The closest I would want to get to “blood,” “gore,” and “death” would be in the dictionary.
And though I have played with the notion, I could never be a politician. It’s a thankless job at every turn, including in one’s own party. I could handle the kissing babies part, and I could certainly handle the cushy pension part, but it’s the years between running for office, then running from office, that would get to me.
Unless you have a pickle for a brain, and peas for eyeballs (why not add a “banana for a nose” while I’m at it?), you will have a sense from reading my columns that I would land somewhere on the right side (in more ways than one) of centre. Not extreme right, just right of centre.
Re-stated: I would never be left, lefter, and leftist, as we have in the Libgreenew Party.
I know there’s no Libgreenew Party, but in so many ways those guys way over on the other side of centre are indistinguishable. When it comes to morality, climate change, abortion, Indian affairs, business (big and small), gun control, the environment and the economy, and the military, they seem to be the same—but not in a good way.
And I resent the notion that someone, or some party, with such unbalanced views could be representing me and mine. But in all fairness, I’, sure that’s what a lot of lefters are saying about this present government. Isn’t democracy grand?
For me, I will vote happily and confidently for my local Tory, feet of clay and all. I believe in conservative everything, though that may not be “Conservative” everything. They simply represent the best option. I suggest to you that would be prudent for you to investigate the facts and positions of each person in the party before you vote. I know I have.
The essence of my conviction is that I don’t believe any party left of centre is fit to run government at any level. The federal Liberals (not to be confused with the BC-type of Liberals) are really no different from Mulcair’s NDP. They are closer to the NDP since Trudeau took reins of the party. Perhaps their greatest contribution would be that of spoiler.
Again, when it comes to the NDP, any thinking electorate should investigate their history as a provincial government in the last twenty to thirty years (hello, BC, SK, and ON). So it ‘s unfathomable to think that anyone would want an NDP-led government in Ottawa.
Can you spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R?
Finally, I don’t really want to waste time calling out the Green party. They are really wannabe NDP, but are more ineffective and incompetent. I think their greatest ambition is to get more than one elected representative.
There are people who can’t stand voting for anything conservative, but would never stoop to voting NDP, and the Green party is not an option. So they place a spoiler vote and vote Liberal. We just saw that here in Alberta with out last election, only in reverse.
It remains a very bad joke, but now we’re the laughingstock of Canada.
Me? Obviously, I will vote Conservative, warts and all. (I’m not blind to their faults, but they make the best case for leading Canada.) I appreciate conservative in everything; it works best for all, in my opinion.
I admit that my conviction and conscience motivates me and the world I live in. It’s for my kids and their kids; it’s for today, but mostly for next year, next decade, next generation.
You know, considering the public facade and the blood and gore, I’m thinking that the politician has the worst job of the three that I would hate to have. That’s why we need the right men and women representing us in Ottawa. A uncalculated vote on the wrong type of politician is a throwaway privilege.
That’s why Stephen Harper and his ilk are getting my vote.

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