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Fans calm down; we’ve known the 2015 World Series was coming for 30 years

Posted on October 20, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Rob Ficiur
Playoffs is a time when fans’ hopes are met, exceeded or dashed depending on the expectations for your team.  When your team losses it can be agonizing; when your team wins it is great, until the next round. Then it is time to bite your nails again. Here are some emotions from the last week:
1. RAGE! The Umpires are cheering for the other team(s). In the top of the 7th inning, with the game tied, Blue Jays’ catcher Russel made an uncommon error. While throwing the ball back to the pitcher, he hit the bat and the ball rolled into the field. Texas scored the go ahead from third base, while the Blue Jay’s fielders stood watching.  Everyone was outraged at the call. According to the rule book it was the right call, the ball is live when the catcher throws it back. However, when the umpire waved the play dead, it seems odd you would still count the run. The rage the Blue Jays fans felt in the top of the 7th inning was forgotten in the bottom of the 7th inning.
2. EMBARASSMENT – With Texas up 3-2 in the deciding game of the series, they were 9 outs away from winning the series against Toronto. Rangers’ fans watched as their infielders committed three errors on consecutive plays to load the bases for Toronto. These were such routine plays that you and I would have caught the ball or made that throw. (At least we can say that). No team that commits three consecutive errors deserves to win a game.  The Rangers had the second most errors in the American league this season; and their weakness showed itself at the worst possible time.
3. EUPHORIA – Blue Jays fans, who were raging in the top of the 7th, were at the top of the sports’ fans emotional ladder during their next at bat. As stated in number two, the Rangers’ errors loaded the bases. After the Jays tied up the game, superstar Jose Bautista hit a two strike pitch out of the park. When I got in my vehicle immediately after the home run the deafening cheering of the home town Toronto fans told me something big happened. When Jose Bautista flipped the bat after hitting the home run it was called “the bat flip that was heard around the world.” Jays fans see the flip as an appropriate expression of relief by a player who has longed to be part of a winner. Texas Rangers fans and players thought the bat toss was disrespectful to the (very emotional) game.
4. DEFLATED – In game #2 against Kansas City the Blue Jays were enjoying a three to nothing lead in the seventh inning. David Price was retiring Royal and after Royal. The series was about to be tied. The air of optimism deflated out of the fans collective balloons when Price let up four consecutive hits. Gone was the shut out, then smaller was the lead then gone was the lead and then suddenly two runs behind in what seemed like the drop of a ball.  There was no moral victory for the Blue Jays – and their fans, who were so ecstatic on Wednesday were in deep mourning two days later.
5. STOP THE FUSSING BECAUSE…this is 2015 – As I was going through these emotional highs and lows, I suddenly realized that this is the year 2015; so we already know who will win the World Series. Back in 1985 the movie Back to the Future sent teenager Marty McFly thirty years into the future of 2015. Many other predictions from the Back to the Future’s 2015 have come true. We now have hover boards instead of bicycles –we have flying cars instead of roads (We don’t need roads). So any Back to the Future baseball prediction must be true as well.
In the far future of Back to the Future 2 – Marty McFly saw something more unbelievable than flying cars… The Chicago Cubs won the 2015 World Series over Florida. Marty questioned Florida losing since there was no Florida team in 1985.
In the thirty years since Back to the Future came out, the Cubs have never been close to a World Series. Until this year, the Cubs have only got to the second round of the playoffs once since World War 2; but in 2015 the Cubs are one of four teams that will win it all.
Knowing that the Cubs will win takes pressure of Blue Jays fans; no more ups and downs following the team. Like Marty in the show, knowing the future (as we do now) we wish we could go back in time to the start of the season and a sure bet on the Cubbies.

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