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I believe in gun control

Posted on November 3, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston
Okay, okay, maybe I tricked you with my heading. But I do believe in gun control, just not in the popular, de-fanging way the mindless media and sappy socialists choose to use it. I’m using the word “control” in a very different sense—a common sense way, if you will.
I like to think that they have failed to consider the ramifications of a defenceless, vulnerable populace. I can’t believe that their agenda is more sinister than that, namely, to disarm, then effectively control their own citizens.
So here’s my take on gun control:
Control your temper over the injustice that is being foisted upon you and all other freedom-loving and crime-hating fellow-citizens. For myself, I tend to be a little naive about guns and rifles. When I was younger, I used to “gun” my car when I was in the mood (sorry Officer Jones); and sometimes I was able to “rifle” a football when I played Monday night sandlot football with my Gospel Hall buddies.
But that inexperience with guns and rifles hasn’t stopped me from really examining the issues at stake. I just cannot fathom elected officials and bleeding hearts taking a stand against law-abiding citizens owning their own firearms. If I do think about it, I have trouble controlling my own temper.
Control your dread when you realize that a gun registry (so euphemistically presented here in Canada) is closer to reality, now that the L-people are in power. That is one of the most powerful reasons I was alarmed with Canadians voting in Trudeau and his cronies a couple of weeks ago.
Do you think for one moment that deadbeats and lowbrows are going to register their guns? Me neither. Basically the good guys comply, but the bad guys don’t. Then the good guys die and bad guys get away with murder…literally.
Control your arsenal of guns and rifles that you own. Everyone should have guns–that’s a given, at least from my perspective; but don’t have so many that other good people can’t. Share the booty with all rational people who have that innate sense of responsibility towards themselves and their neighbours.
We need more guns, not fewer; and we need more grassroots citizens and less politicians making these decisions.
Control your emotions as you understand how many deaths could have been prevented if there had been a “concealed carrier” at this school, that store, or church across town. It will only get worse, as more and more deranged gunmen understand that a defenceless populace is ripe for the sniping.
Space does not allow a clear presentation of the empirical evidence of gun-free versus “gun freedom.” The former is an illusion, the latter is a right. I suggest you do some research: What is the death rate when it is known that the citizens are armed versus when they are not armed? The facts may astound you.
Control your urge to shoot haphazardly; you really need to know what you’re aiming and shooting at. Random, senseless shooting marks those gunmen with a grudge against life. Rational, normal humans don’t do that. Think, warn, then shoot.
Go to a shooting range. Get licensed. Take a course. Join a rifle club. Spend Saturday morning with the kids in target practice. Learn the ropes from veteran hunters and gun owners. Whatever you do, get your ability to shoot under control.
Control your understanding of what is being touted as an airtight argument: “Guns kill people,” they say. No, people kill people. It’s wrong people who need to be made right that’s the solution. We need to disarm the bad guys and equip the good guys. Guns in the wrong hands wreak irreparable damage, for sure. But guns in the right hands create a safer environment.
By the way, using the above argument, should we then ban cars because “cars kill people”? How foolish can our leaders and anti-gun lobbyists be? Are they that simple-minded or short-sighted…or is there something?
Well, that’s just for starters. I think anyone who actually has had a brush with some mad man with a gun would be even more passionate about this matter than me. There is so much good that comes out of a well-equipped (= ready and prepared but not necessarily active) populace .
With the blur of immigration chaos and the rise in our own dysfunctional (mostly young) people, this matter is not going away. But this is not the time to disarm the citizens of the land.
“O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”

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