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Is it still exercise if you lose your fitness band?

Posted on November 10, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Rob Ficiur
I lost my fitness band! Now what? If I exercise for half an hour will it count since my exercise band can’t record it?
Side Bar Disclaimer: Like many people I know that exercise is important. Every reputable diet plan begins with the simple idea to eat less and exercise more.  Like many people I find it difficult to make the time to exercise regularly.
For Christmas I got a fitness band. I had no idea how quickly I came to rely on the device to monitor and track my daily exercise. Without a doubt, I was doing better than I had ever done before. Now I had a specific goal (10,000 steps and or 30 active minutes). I also had a way of measuring and knowing how close I was to those targets. My fit bit life was going great, until ….
On my birthday I lost it. (I am not sure that being a year old was a factor in this losing and forgetting issue, but I have never been this old before, so how would I know?) My “great detective work told me that I was somewhere in the house. The application on my phone said that all steps stopped at 10:00 pm Friday night. Where did I put it? I looked everywhere. Eventually I stopped looking, knowing it would show up. (Sub-consciously I said I can take a few days off of this exercise thing, until I find it).
Six days after it disappeared at home, my son phoned and said he found the stray device in his car. On my birthday morning we had gone antelope spotting, so I (and my fit bit) were there. Ironically I had been in that car twice several days later trying (in vain) to figure out how to move on of those modern car seats. That is a story for another day.
Nearly a week went by before we met up with the fit bit (and my son). Though it was a busy time, as I was off to a conference, I was glad to get my fit bit back. Obviously since it had not been charged the battery was dead. I put it in a safe spot, knowing I would have to wait until I got home to charge it. When I got home, I asked my wife (and anyone who would listen) “Where is my fit bit?” “Did I put it in that box?” (Remember this whole problem began when on my birthday; but once again I am not not sure this is an age issue just yet.) To make a long story short, I had left the fit bit at the hotel. They returned it to me via courier and this week my fit bit and Ihave been reunited.
The following are insights I gained in my weeks without a fitness device:
1. Without my fit bit, I asked two big questions. First how will I know many steps (and active minutes) cutting the grass will be? Any goal worth having is a goal we can measure. Second, if I exercise without my fit bit will it really be exercise when I can’t accurately count the steps? There is no answer to this obsessive compulsive question.
2. During the lost weeks, when I did exercise I had no idea if I was getting close to my goal. (I had come to adopt this as my personal goal). I went from having accurate number to guessing.
3.  Early in the lost weeks, my daily exercise goal went from specific and measureable to vague something that I forgot. In a few days I gave very little thought to how many steps or how much exercise I was doing.
4. Without a fit bit my exercise goal and routine had to change. If I left the fit bit world, my previously successful routine would no longer work. I would have to set aside specific time and clock the amount of exercise time. Clocking anything would have been more difficult since I have not worn my watch after the arrival of my fit bit. (The watch is not lost…at least I don’t think it is). This was the same type of ineffective exercise non-routine that I had used before.
Since being reunited with my fit bit back, life is back to normal. I gained a few insights in this new un-lost era.
6. Some days I meet my target and some days I don’t.  I am trying to be less obsessive about making it each day. While the goal is a target to work for the overall pattern for the week is more important.
7. The biggest thing I learned through these lost weeks is to duct tape the thing to my wrist – so I don’t lose it again.

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