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Not much respect seen on social media

Posted on November 17, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger
There was a time when Facebook was a good place for me to unwind and clear my head at the end of the day. I could visit with family, LOL at their posts, and find out about their day. I could catch up with old friends, ‘like’ their pics, and see where they have been for their latest vacation.
And, of course I could keep up to date on all the games during baseball season through all of my Red Sox Nation friends.
I still do all of this from time to time, but the more I scroll down my page, the more I see just how divided and bitter people are becoming. One person blasts another for not sharing the same political views, another resorts to name-calling for posting a photo of a politician they do not like, and now this is really silly, but there is even some nasty verbiage if you like a different sports team, or God forbid, like more than one team. And by nasty, I mean downright nasty.
It never fails. As soon as one person makes a rude comment, there all the wagon-jumpers who gang up on the poor person like they are a piece of meat thrown to the wolves.
It amazes me whenever I see this happen and it amazes me even more when I see it coming from fully grown adults.
As a result of all this negativity, I rarely post comments on Facebook any more and if I do, I make sure it won’t be anything that will ‘set anybody off’. And, I don’t like it when I see it happen to other people either.
Instead, I view a few posts, then head off to play one of my games to relax for a bit. The games don’t talk back, swear, call me names, or judge me for having differing opinions.
I will still visit my personal Facebook page, but until some people learn how to lighten up a bit, it is not a fun place to be any more.

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