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A little “Me” time is good for the soul

Posted on March 1, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Tim Kalinowski
Sometimes it is important just to take a “me” day. This is sometimes easier said than done given the family and work obligations most of us labour under. There is also a certain level of guilt attached in doing so. If I take off by myself, leaving my obligations behind for a day, doesn’t that make me a selfish person?
Not at all, is the answer. Life is an unremitting slog sometimes with only brief moments of joy and relief. If grandma and grandpa can take the kids for a day, or the job can wait for another day, there is no reason in the world why a person shouldn’t be able to take off for some personal time.
In my case sans kids it does make it a little easier, but not much. And yet I know for my mental and spiritual well-being taking that personal time is absolutely essential.
So what do I do with those rare down days? I hate to say it, but catching up on sleep is one way I use the time sometimes. There is nothing better in the summer than finding a nice patch of grass in a private spot under the shade of a tree to lay down a sleeping mat and snooze the afternoon away. I love hearing the wind rustle through the leaves and feeling the sun warming both my body and the earth.
Another thing I sometimes love to do is go for a drive and stop the car near a river or creek and wade into the water a little ways. I also flyfish so traversing the creek banks, seeing the beautiful combinations of rounded stones, drifting twigs and the aquatic life of the water reflected in the pools is an indelible aspect of the experience. I love to travel to naturally beautiful and isolated places where nature always seems to find a way to renew my spirits.
For some people “me” time also sometimes means spending time with friends on a guys or girls night out. For myself that means hitting a local concert in some out of the way drinking hole and just spending time in conviviality and friendship with my bros and sisters.
Me time can be as social or solitary as you like. It all depends on your state of mind that day and your preferences. The important thing is to take that time to refocus on yourself and your own needs, which can often get lost in clamour and cacophony of everyday life.

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