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The rule and role of government

Posted on April 5, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston
I would say that in my lifetime the role of government has never been as intrusive yet exclusive as it is now. Intrusive, in the true socialist spirit of interferring with the common citizen’s lifestyle, well beyond any government mandate; and exclusive, in the true elitist spirit of a cabal of elected officials doing it for themselves, without consultation or concern for those same common citizens.
One wonders where the balance is in government these days.
Whether it’s the mess here in Alberta, or the twin tragedies over in Ontario and Ottawa (provincially and federally, respectively), things have never looked bleaker—in terms of robust, just, and sensible leadership—in decades.
I shudder for what I have to put up with here in Alberta–in particular, over the next three years (until a good government can get elected). And if things don’t change by then, I dread what’s ahead for my kids and grandkids. And no matter what your political bent is, that includes you and yours.
When I think of the essential values that have marked our nation for the past century or so—warts and all–and how those values and rights have been taken from us (through socialist rules and elitists rights), I wonder about the health of our province and nation, respectively.
Any nation that cannibalizes it’s own people, through the butchering of its babies and the dispensing of its disabled, is doomed. Any government that spends more than it takes in cannot surivive. If families had that economic approach, they would go bankrupt in no time; when the government takes that approach, they simply go deeper in unmanageable debt.
So as the government kills the smallest and sickest in its families, and out-spends its intake, year after year, families cannot survive. As we are a nation of families, we are struggling to survive.
Any nation that steals the rights of parents to raise their children the way they are supposed to has, in fact, stolen its present and its future. Any government that isolates its revenue and employment-generating (big) businesses, then discards them as useles entities, is on the wrong path.
Re-stated: first they befriend, then they betray.
Any nation that then turns around and nails small businesses with an untenable minimum wage will not empower its workers—it will lose them. Small businesses cannot pay more wages for less output, so they need to let staff go. That’s bad economics, humans– even a dumb writer like me knows that.
Any government that gives lip service (only) to uphold the human rights of all its citizens, then capriciously undermines any form of freedom of religion, has shot itsef in the foot. Any nation that is apparently liberal (small “L”) in its application of the law, unless the citizen in question is of European ancestry, evangelical or Catholic, is guilty of a double standard of the worse degree.
We are being lied to about the environment, climate change, carbon emissions, population growth, finances, choices, and the sanctity of life. The public media are the dupes of the government and we’re being fed political, moral, social, and spiritual tripe through every media form and outlet.
Good government rules on behalf of the people, not against the people. A true democracy (rough translation: demo, people; cracy, rule) is where all people have the same rights and privileges, and live within the context of a free and just nation. I do not see that here in Alberta, nor in Ottawa.
The people’s government should be there to reward the good and punish the bad. Such sound leadership qualities are taught in the Bible repeatedly. All leadership should be robust, just, and sensible in order to be effective—remember that line?
Bad leadership intrudes on farms, in schools, over mines—even with bathrooms. Bad leadership excludes the voice of the people. We ordinary, common citizens really need to be more vocal, determined, and balanced in our response to these government inequities.
Ironic, isn’t it: Those would be marks of good leadership, wouldn’t they?

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