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A good soaker is always welcome

Posted on May 24, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Tim Kalinowski
Rainy days in May and April have done much to alleviate the dry conditions we were seeing in the region earlier this year. The moisture has been most welcome, and some of the rains have been nice old “soakers,” as the farmers in southwest Saskatchewan used to say when I was a kid. Meaning the rain hasn’t been coming down hard, but it has been constant, allowing crops and plants to drink in the maximum amount of water they can.
These steady rain showers put me in mind of some of those bygone early spring days. The days when little could be accomplished on the farm after the feeding was done so you’d sit around, visit, listen to “Trading Time” on the radio and play a few games of cards: Rye, Spider, Rummy, Kings in the Corner, maybe a bit of Norwegian Whist. These were all were good games to help pass the time and allow you to take your ease around the kitchen table.
Maybe after lunch, as a little kid, you’d put on your rain boots and gear and head out to splash around in the puddles and look at all the worms. I always loved watching the little runnels that formed around the yard during a long soaker. Miniature islands and rivers that existed for the space of an hour or a day. I’d love to find little twigs to place in the water and watch as they floated through the channels until they reached their ultimate destination at a low-lying spot in the yard.
I remember sometimes, how after a hot couple days, a nice drizzle would come along and cool everything off. The sparrows would be bathing in the puddles and even the cows would be shaking themselves down, enjoying the momentary relief from the dust and the flies.
These rainy days are a blessing. And with a hot June and July predicted, they should be enjoyed for all they are worth. A light drizzle is a gentle caress on your skin, and one of the finest things which any creature of this arid landscape can be thankful to experience. Mother Nature has been good to us so far this spring. Remember to enjoy the moment before it passes.

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