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Daytripping with the fam

Posted on July 12, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger
There is not much more that I enjoy more than getting into the car and heading out with the camera for the day, especially if it means I am heading out for destinations unknown and far away from civilization. The more remote, the better; at least for some trips.
The solitude helps clear my head of the daily garbage better than any computer game (although, a few of them work, too) and I can just enjoy the day without any interruptions.
Most times, I am alone for these excursions, but for a recent outing, I invited my daughter and granddaughter to come along for the ride. My daughter, whose life is busier than mine, actually had some free time, so I was very pleased when she said they would love to come along.
This was literally one of those moments where the journey is more important than the destination as Carmen and I had a chance to catch up on things and little Paige,sitting snuggly in her car seat in the back, seemed happy to be watching the fields and cows as we drove down an empty country road.
Mom and daughter were able to have all the small talk that seems to be missing sometimes when we catch up briefly. And, we got to talk about some of the more important matters in our lives too, things that maybe we would not have shared if our time together were brief, or worse, online.
She’s busy, I’m busy; she’s there, I’m here and often, it’s hard to get in any quality time with her.
As the Classic Rock music blared through the speakers (I’m glad she’s got good taste in music!), we covered a lot of ground in our chatting as we traveled up one hill, down another, and rounded yet another bend in the pavement.
Four-year-old Paige, who is always such a good traveler, seemed to still be enjoying looking out the window, but I have no doubt, that she, like most four-year-olds was soaking up our every word like a sponge.
After a few hours in the sun, it was time to turn around and come home. The return trip was much less chatty as the first half of the journey. Little Paige was snoozing within minutes of us hitting the highway and Carmen wasn’t far behind her. I turned the radio down a bit and just smiled, thinking about what a wonderful day I just had with my two girls and look forward to our next road trip, which will be not too far down the road, I hope.

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