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Who owns our kids?

Posted on July 26, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston

There are a lot of disturbing issues in the news these days, ones that could lead to even more disturbing trends. These trends, in turn, are becoming entrenched in our Canadian culture.

I call them “disturbing” because A. I’m writing this, not you, so I can call them what I want; and B. I look at life through Judeo-Christian eyes. This world view is different from, say, a Marxist-Leninist or even a Secular-Humanist world view — which are prevalent viewpoints today.

I have grown to appreciate the Judeo-Christian perspective (based on its longevity, track record, and inherent truth) because it has many solid principles. Some are as follows: Males are males and females are females; marriage is between a male and a female; children are the natural outcome of such a union; and these same children are the primary responsibility of those parents.

Now, did you sense any venom or malice in what I just wrote? I didn’t think so. You would have to be high on something to react negatively to what I just wrote. If we cannot write or talk about what we differ on, without a fight, we are sunk as a nation. Finished. Toast. Kaput.

You see, freedom of speech, one of our most cherished rights, also means freedom to disagree.

I find daily there are many views with which I disagree wholeheartedly, usually in the media and government. But you’ll never hear threats nor f-bombs in my response; those kinds of responses are the petty practice of a morally bankrupt culture or third-world dictatorships. I trust we haven’t stooped to that.

So with all this Bill 10 brouhaha, the transgender stampede, and their related collateral damage, the question begs: Who owns your kids? The “state”? The education system? The peer pressure pack? And here’s a doozy: the church?

I can help you answer that question: Parents do.

Why should thousands of parents from every jurisdiction, many religious affiliations, and a variety walks of life, feel they have to attend rallies in downtown Calgary and Edmonton (as they did in mid-May), to protest their outrage at the government’s intrusive and invasive interference with Alberta’s families?

At every level, from the laws that come out of Ottawa, right down to the laws of common sense and propriety, parents have a prior right over every other institution. Let me repeat for emphasis: Parents have a prior right over every other institution.

Is every set of parents—two-parent and single parent—the greatest and wisest, the most perfect and the most together in the world? Of course not. No one in their right mind would say that.

But parents are the ones who brought the children into the world. They trained and taught them. I would think they are the most qualified to determine what’s best and right for their own kids. What is wrong with our world that I even have to state this in a column?

It’s simple, it’s tried and true, and, pardon me, it’s right.

However, while this conversation starts with parents, there are other agencies they can work with. Parents could work in concert with government, various types of school systems, friends and neighbours, and, of course, the church. We are all in this process together and should draw from our collective wisdom.

However, at the end of the day, parents should still have the final say in what is best for their family. Parents should not be excluded when it comes to significant decisions or trends for their families — something that has been happening in recent months.

So if dad and mom do not want their “Susie” exposed to a male pervert in the girls’ bathroom, isn’t that their right (and responsibility)? If dad and mom don’t want a panoply of sex-related matters—say, toys, tips, and teaching– crammed down their children’s throat(s), do they not have the right (and responsibility) to object?

I am so sick(ened) and tired of the state telling good solid parents what they should do with their kids. The state could suggest or maybe offer, as long as there are options. But threaten or dictate? I don’t think so.

In other words: State, keep your hands off our kids. They’re ours, not yours.

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