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An open letter to my grandchildren – Part 3

Posted on October 4, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

by Craig Funston
I didn’t plan to make this imaginary letter to my grandchildren and their friends go on for so long. I promise: This is the last installment.
Hi kids (again): Poppa with his rambling rant here again. Make sure your friends read the following. There’s a lot of truth in what I’m saying. (And remember that I’m letting my fans in Newspaperland read this too, so it might be a little confusing.)
We’re discussing things you will be facing in the future. One of them is semantics. That’s fancy-schmancy for “words” or “definitions.” We’re facing a lot of old words with new meanings these days. And just warning here to be careful.
You’re going to hear a lot more about “climate change,” “carbon footprint,” “gun control”–words that are really quite misleading. We knew what they used to mean, but now they have been given a new set of definitions. While we’re told what they now mean, we wonder what’s really behind the new meaning.
I wonder about the scientific legal, and economic implication behind them. Remember what I said before: Don’t accept things at face value. Research, review, and reflect, then draw your own conclusions.
Furthermore, we need a different set of scientific, legal, and economic voices to be be given an equal footing in the media. There are many scientists, lawyers, and economists that have differing views from what is being foisted upon us. Society needs to hear their side, too.
You know: fairness, equity, diversity, and all that.
I think we’re being fed a lot of hooey about some of these things. If you have not developed an analytical approach to the media, politics, and information technology, you are going to get duped.
Here’s another gem: “tolerance.” As we “progress” into the ‘20s, if you don’t see eye to eye with those who are “tolerant,” they won’t, well, tolerate you. And then ultimately write you off as bigoted. I find that strangely inconsistent.
Also, get used to the word “socialism.” When I was young, socialism was over there, somewhere outside of North America. Gradually, kilometre by kilometre, it slithered over here. We have had a number of socialist provinces over the years, only back then we called them “have-not” provinces. Go figure.
We even now we have a socialist federal government. Anyone who is smart enough and insightful enough knows where Canada is heading…fast.
Never did I imagine that our free enterprise system would be hijacked so aggressively in such a short period of time. Free enterprise gives wings, not shackles, to the individual and families. We need free enterprise to turn our country around.
Big, bloated, intrusive (read: socialistic) government is not the way to empower and equip its citizens.
Look at the irreparable damage that socialism does. What it destroys so quickly (in months) takes so long (in years, maybe even decades) for recovery. Just study British Columbia in the ‘80s and Alberta in the past sixteen months and you’ll know what I mean.
These concepts are constantly dumped on us, dressed up as warm words such as science, tolerance, and diversity; we need to know how to resist. One form would be to examine true scientific and historical evidence—if you can find any, in this revisionist culture.
Well, so much for word studies for the future. Got to go.
Toodle-oo for now, kids.

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