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Snail mail sure can be slow

Posted on October 4, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger
Sitting and waiting for a specific piece of snail mail to show up in your mailbox can often be akin to standing over a hot stove waiting for that pot of water to boil.
You know the mail was sent eons ago and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival for what seems like an eternity. You also know another piece of mail was sent halfway across the country on the same day and had been received by its recipient days ago.
Patience is a virtue, so they say; but when there is no rhyme nor reason behind the tardiness, it can get frustrating. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I should not know when both pieces of mail were sent and one received. Perhaps if I didn’t have that knowledge, I wouldn’t have myself wound up tighter than a cheap wristwatch.
In fact, I know I would not. However, I do know and now I have rankles up and likely will until I see that envelope in my mailbox.
It’s exactly like that pot of water. If you stand over it waiting for it to boil, it seems to take forever; but walk away and go tend to another chore for a few minutes and the pot of water will boil dry. Murphy’s Law, I suppose.
Part of me tells myself not to sweat it and to chill out. The other part of me wants to know why there is such a delay. My curious nature can be a blessing and a curse sometimes.
So, I will wait and continue counting the days, but don’t plan on losing any sleep over it. I will be following up and getting to the bottom of this though. Maybe that will soothe my rankle a bit.

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