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Still waiting; now madder than a wet hen

Posted on October 18, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger
As I sat hemming and hawing about what the heck I was going to write for a column this week, I read back to my column from two weeks ago and the topic of choice was quite clear to me. Sure I could have written some touching parting words about the now-retired David Ortiz, and that column will be coming soon without a doubt or I could have written about the MLB playoffs in general.
There were many topics that could have filled the space, but I believe a follow-up on my column from two weeks ago is definitely in order.
Two weeks ago, I thought I had been waiting an excessively long time for a particular piece of mail. Who would have thought when I wrote that piece that in a fortnight I would still be waiting, and not so patiently any more, I might add.
An email was sent a week ago to find out the status of the document, but the response was not much help in cooling me down or in answering my queries.
That proverbial pot of water is still not boiling, but my blood has been, that’s for sure.
What started out as hopeful patience mixed with a bit of eagerness has now turned into frustration and disappointment. At this juncture, I wish I had not known this stupid thing was being sent. At least that way, I would have been pleasantly surprised when it did get here and not anticipating its arrival.
Honestly though, there is no way a simple envelope should take this long to make its way through the postal system. I understand that we now live in a world where people want to see instant results, but I think I have been more than patient thus far and now I will be seeking concrete answers and concrete results because now I not only have my blood boiling, but have a bee in my bonnet, a thorn in my side, and a rock in my shoe, as well.
Most of you have nothing to worry about…unless you are the sender of this piece of mail. If you are, look out!

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