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Trick or treat, America style

Posted on November 29, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston
As I sit here in the brave solitude of my lonely office, I think I hear a pronounced rumbling to the south of me. It is, I believe, the noise of desperate Democracts and leftists (or is that redundant?), still threatening to load up their earthly toys and heading north to the land of the neo-Democrats, also known as “leftist Canada.”
Or maybe the noise is the whining and snivelling from all quarters of the Union, in reaction to the recent election. It actually sounds like little babies when they don’t get their way.
I know Hallowe’en was a few weeks ago, but I suggest that the recent presidential election was another night of tricking and treating for the American public. In other words, were the American people expecting a trick or a treat from whomever they voted in?
I am writing this within days of a Donald Trump election victory. By the time you read this column, there will have been protests, muggings, death threats, and a general state of unrest in various quarters of the Not-so United States of America.
Talk about ugly losers.
I am hoping that the hysteria against a Trump-led White House will slow down by the time you read this. Three reasons come to mind: One, there is no Trump-led White House yet, as he doesn’t even take office till the New Year, so calm down; two, when the reaction to a “monster in the White House” is by people themselves being monsters in the streets, we’re facing a serious inconsistency.
And three, can he actually be any worse than an Obama-led presidency—or even a (Bill) Clinton-led presidency? I’ll answer that for you: No. It couldn’t be any worse, and is likely bound to be much, much better. Just my perspective, that of a small-c conservative .
You see, when you value a robust economy, safe streets, reasonable immigration, and balanced leadership, you will be happy with the outcome of the election. If you want to perpetuate the chaos, instability, debt, and weakness of the previous eight years, I understand why you wouldn’t be happy with the outcome.
I am convinced that babies will be safer, as will school-aged children, women, workers and the environment; even national security will be in better shape.
I could fill this column with Trump’s flaws, no doubt; but then again, I would need two columns for Hillary’s (no, make that three or four). And don’t get me going on Barack’s grievous missteps. Ideologically, I am personally galaxies apart from Ms. Clinton’s stance on abortion, gun control, feminism, the environment, immigration, ISIS, big government—and it looks like most Americans were, too.
Trump has been seen in the eyes of many as the lesser of two evils. I agree; he was not my first choice. Had I the right to vote in the primary, I would have gone for Cruz, Huckabee, or Carson—likely in that order. While I struggle with his immorality, inter-personal skills, and arrogance, I see him no more obnoxious than many other US presidents who had problems with immorality, inter-personal skills, and arrogance.
If you know your American history, the questionable lifestyles and habits of, say, Hoover, Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton come to mind. And those are just the ones we know the most about.
I laugh at the hysteria over Trump’s election, even here in Canada. In one sense, the preference for Hilary is consistent with the cabal of socialist leaders we have here, namely, Trudeau, Wynne and Notley—so why not one more on the continent?. Well, one reason is that we already have at least three too many ourselves.
So, people threatening to move north, while others are burning, looting, and pillaging—and hTrump hasn’t even taken office yet! One wonders how these anarchists will react when he actually comes through on some of his campaign promises.
Trick or treat, American-style? I hope the American public has not been tricked into loud, empty promises. I trust the next four years will be a treat for them, us, and the rest of the world.
Looks like it may be Hallowe’en year round for a while–inside and outside the White House.

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