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Make America great again, please

Posted on December 6, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston
The America that I was raised next to has been slowly falling apart for the past fifty years. With the exception of Ronald Reagan, there hasn’t been a real man in the White House for decades. As a result, then, there has been a ripple effect of insipid nationalism and conservatism.
I don’t know if Uncle Donald Trump reads this county-famous column, but if he does, I want to pass along some advice to him. He really needs to keep his election promises, although a tweak here or there may be in order. I didn’t follow his every promise, but his over-arching theme of “making America great again” can be met if he heeds the following the advice.
1. Make America loyal again. The national anthem debacle comes to mind. Please do something about showing respect for the flag, the anthem, and by extension, the nation. I know “nation” is the start of the word “nationalism” and nationalism can be very dangerous. And that, in turn, may produce a dangerous protectionism, loyalty, and fervour that may not be healthy.
And I don’t like big brother telling me to show my allegiance to the flag. But these cautions aside, however, common sense should prevail.
When I see million-dollar athletes as an example, defying the national anthem, as they protest all the injustices they face in America symbolized by that flag, I want to throw up. It’s because of what that flag represents that they have the right to earn millions of dollars—and exercise all their freedoms, including the freedom to protest..
If they don’t like the great life they have, move elsewhere…just not north.
2. Make America work again. The economic woes are third only to spiritual woes, and second to moral ones. They are not the same, but close, especially if morality is tied into spirituality. And I’m not sure if Uncle Donald is qualified to advise anyone on morality or spirituality.
So let’s stick with economics for now. What better president than a successful businessman to put America back to work? If he gets America back to work, then many of the professional anarchists won’t have so much time to travel around the country wreaking havoc, shooting cops, and attacking innocent people.
People would be off the streets, working at fairly meaningful jobs, with no time to loaf, indulge, and vent their supposed grievances on the wrong targets. Besides, work is good for the bank account and the mind. A productively-employed populace is a much happier populace.
3. Make America safe again. These are law and order demands. I know there is a lot of fear about ISIS sleeper cells throughout the USA—a very real fear. That’s all well and good, but our greater fear should be America’s home-grown anarchists.
The spirit of lawlessness that pervades every segment, every street, of America, is alarming. Even protesting the election results were acts of anarchy, in my opinion. Carjackings, kidnapping, home invasions, mass shootings, muggings—and that’s just before breakfast. One of Clinton’s platforms was more gun control. She was dead wrong wrong on that one: We need a more armed populace– that is, less gun control—now, more than ever.
But that’s only part of the solution. More freedom with weapons will produce a well-armed population, and that’s a wise start.. But we need to get the bad guys (and gals) off the street (Maurice, that means put them in the big house. We need to speed up the justice system and dole out appropriate time for the crime.
4. Make America full again. I see where Planned “Deathhood” is falling apart over the pro-life president, versus a pro-death president.(Clinton). I wonder how many babies lives and mothers’ health will be saved with the results of the election? Even putting the scare factor into that killing industry is a good start.
When the death rate exceeds the birth rate, a national catastrophe that has already begun in many countries, that is bad economically, morally, and practically. Killing babies at any stage of their gestation period is wrong on every score. Perhaps Trump will be able to the stem the tide.
You’re welcome for the advice, Uncle Donald. Anytime.

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