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Pout-side, looking in

Posted on February 21, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston
Last week, my column was about love—what it is and what it isn’t. And just as there is a lot of confusion about love, there’s also a lot of confusion about free speech, human rights, and the democratic way.
I continue to be alarmed, even frightened, as I read of the threats, boycotts , protests, and vandalism on the part of the liberal losers in the USA . At this point of writing, they are abusing their access to free speech, human rights, and the democratic ways in all the wrong ways. And it shows no signs of letting up.
They lost the election, so they’re pouting (hence, the heading of this column). Now they are going destroy the system that allows to them all this freedom…to destroy the system. Go figure.
Maybe it’s my fading memory, but I don’t recall the Right reacting this way when Obama got in—either time. No, the Right didn’t waste time, money, motivation, or energy on anarchy.
I have massive issues with lawlessness. Their reaction to the democratic way is pure evil. Is this the way to respond to matters when you don’t get your own way—twist and pout? No, plug your nose, suck it up, and get ready for the next election. At least that’s what we’re doing here in Alberta.’ll
Do this at school and you get suspended; at work, you’ll get fired. But somehow there exists this naive notion that this sort of behaviour is acceptable, even good.
While I am no blind supporter of Mr. Trump, I surely appreciate his selection of conservative-leaning cabinet ministers. He may have his quirks, but Trump surely knows how to pick the right men and women. That alone is the sign of a great leader.
There are other telltale signs that he is on the right track. Business is probably the most encouraging. He’s got America heading in the right direction when it comes to the military,, its enemies, the economy, plus the environment. Any problem with that?
I’ve lost count of the jobs (in the thousands now) that are being created through many major businesses who feel they can invest in America. I don’t see these as empty promises, you know, giving lip service to a desperate economy. It goes to show you that when strong fiscal principles and leaders come into play, the trickle-down impact is enormous..
Both at a provincial and federal level, Canada could learn much from Trump.
I just read that most of the professional rebels still live at home with mommy and daddy. They have time on their hands, no responsibility, and no positive purpose in life. Don’t these losers have jobs to go to every day? Families of their own? How about a conscience?
The other profile is more subtle (subtle, as not out on the street destroying public and private property, but just as evil): the whole spectrum of celebrities. There’s a myth out there that once people attain celebrity status, they become insightful and wise .
No matter what you think, Cousin Reggie, just because someone is a Hollywood bimbo doesn’t mean he or she has has life smarts. There’s more to insight than reading other people’s line. Just because one can throw a football doesn’t mean he is wise.
I have no issue with peaceful protests. I‘ve done a few myself, especially when the educational bullies are trying to take away parental rights and choice. I’ve also resisted the pro-death movement, because, unlike them, I believe all lives matter.
But to trash and thrash a business here and a building there, reveals a really sick perspective. They are obviously unaware of how an economy works and how all the pieces must fit together. They don’t know the difference between a private opinion and a public context for expressing said opinion.
As frustrated as all rational Albertans are with our present socialist government, there is no place for riots in the streets and the mass destruction of public and private property. Dialogue, co-operation, political alignment and protocol are the order of the day.
And while we’re at it, we’ll bide our time by expressing ourselves honourably through free speech, human rights, and the democratic way. Pouting and temper tantrums are not the way to respond.

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