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White privilege or what privilege? (Part 2)

Posted on March 28, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston
So we’re having a run on this myth of “white privilege” for yet another column. There is a lot of confusion created by a variety of sources, and they are successful when the gullible populace buy into it.
All I can address is where I came from and what I’m doing about it. You, of course, have the same responsibility. We need to be so very careful to not create a straw man, in order to mask the real issue here.
Other confusing factors are the differences between white privilege (so-called) and white supremacy.
Let me help explain what I see as the differences: the former is inherent, no choice in the matter; but the latter is an attitude, and a committed choice to that ideology. If one is white, it’s no more vile than being black or brown; however, if one is a committed white supremacist, there is much evil that follows.
My caution to our left-leaning friends, to use the term “friends” loosely, is that they are confusing one for the other.
So let me address the “privilege” phenomena in my life, but perhaps not in the way it’s presented publicly these days.
I enjoyed the privilege of being raised in a home where I had a dad. Many of the disaffected youth have never known their dad. Maybe that’s one of the reasons for their anger. There is no question that a fatherless house is the source of much venom these days.
I enjoyed the privilege of a being the product of a traditional marriage—you know, mom and dad. No committing lovers, no affairs, no blended or broken families. Maybe the cause of marital unsettledness these days are moms and dad playing fast and loose factors into the family fallout today—and not so much the white privilege tripe.
Within the context of a traditional marriage I saw how a husband should treat his wife, and vice versa.. Maybe, must maybe, some of these disaffected parties have never seen how men should treat their wives or girlfriends.
I enjoyed the privilege of parents who believed and lived out their faith. I don’t know how that’s a white privilege. If there is a race element to this, I agree: the human race. Faith and truth are not limited to whites—you know that, don’t you? But stability and hope in a traditional home may be misconstrued for white privilege.
I enjoyed the privilege of a good work ethic. (Okay, I didn’t quite see it that way when I was subjected to chores, accountability, and doing each job right.) There was no privilege when it came to university tuition, car payments, and house mortgage. I had to pay for it all, every last loonie . No one was there to bail me out through a handout—not my parents, not the government, not people of the same or different skin colour.
So it’s a royal pain when I read of a double standard for university tuition, that people of another skin colour are to blame for society’s woes, seeing that there is an agenda against white privilege. I think we call that reverse racism, but I rarely ever read or hear about that injustice.
The above is a confession and a solution in a nutshell. If you didn’t get it, it’s all about the nuclear family. That may look a little different from family to family, but it is the smallest social unit where law, love, and life are learned, where obedience and discipline are part of a daily regimen.
There are plenty of privileges to race, but it has nothing to do with the colour white.

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