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Knock it off with the loud mufflers

Posted on April 4, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Justin Seward
I do not understand motorists these days. Why you ask?
Well I’m a part of this age where jacked up, hormonal trucks are a norm, which is completely fine. There are a select few of those that are tastefully done and really nice to look at and admire, however, there are those that are obnoxious and provide problems because of the selfish nature of some drivers who build them into noisemakers.
When you’re trying to sleep past 6 a.m. before work or trying to relax after is a task because they come zooming by with a loud exhaust that’s enough to give you a headache. Now really is that necessary?
I know joy rides are fun but shouldn’t you have some care about people around the neighborhoods that could voice their displeasures about the senseless pedal to the metal attitude.
I’m certainly annoyed because who are you trying to impress in the end, your friend, girlfriend? I think it’s more like ‘Yahoo, I’ve got a big truck and I can make noise,’ which is only boosting their ego, when really it’s not.
If you’re into the big noisy rigs , take it into the countryside where it’s more appropriate and where straight pipes don’t echo off everyone’s eardrums and walls. There is no need of it in residential areas because the noise is pointless and is disturbing to many people around who are trying to relax.
Maybe tame it down once in awhile with your ‘monster truck’ sounds.

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