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Alberta’s OK corral

Posted on April 25, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston
I trust comparing Brian Jean and Jason Kenny to cartoon characters (Tom and Jerry) last week is not seen as unkind in the least. It was merely a word picture, people. Even Maurice got it, though he kept on referring to them as Jom and Terry.
This time around I’ll switch to a western them, maybe even work in a white hat versus a black hat angle, if I can.
Conservatism is taking a lot of heat these days. But if the heat was based on facts and not fiction (read: truth and not lies), I could abide it. But there are so many lies being spread about conservative views on women, sexual choices, people of colour, social programmes—just for starters—that it clearly comes under the category of fake information.
True conservatism is marked by cautious, responsible, and balanced policies in matters of money and people—fiscal and social conservatism, if you will. To be sure, that is a little simplistic, and it may be expressed a little differently with each party, with each government. But both principles must be present to be a true conservative.
True conservatism creates a safer environment for society’s most vulnerable, women and children. It is not so much a government from the top down as it is from the bottom up. It allows the freedom of entrepreneurship, hence, encouraging businesses to invest, thus creating jobs, and generating all sorts of economic bi-products.
What’s wrong with a left-wing government? Simply put, everything .Believe it or not, I would rather write about what’s right about being right, and not whine about anything the left. However, I need to continue to warn people of the irreparable damage that any left-leaning government does to its populace.
The legacy of America’s recent Muslim socialist president is a case in point.
First and foremost, they are wrong in their semantics. They use words like “progressive,” “rights,” “diversity,” and “safety,” , but their meanings are vastly different from common sense, responsible, and conventional usage. Please be warned that what you hear coming out of the current government is not necessarily what you get.
Second, they are wrong in their research. One wonders if they actually did any forensic, thorough research before they implemented Bill 6, Bill 10, the Carbon Tax, and their coal policy. The short answer is, No, they didn’t. Come you-know-what or high water, they have their agenda and their ideology, and they are going to cram it down our throat, with or without public input.
If you know the roots of the NDP, you would see that this is so contrary to its populist origins.
Third, they are wrong in their strategy. People must be consulted in a democracy The very origin of the word is along the lines of “the people rule.” If the grassroots had been honestly consulted in any of the bills mentioned above, they never would have made it past the first reading.
Finally, they are wrong in their ideology. The NDP are famous for twisting the facts of a woman’s body and the life that’s within her, in their approach to education, and on government size. Their fiscal management is appalling. They speak of tolerance, but only on their terms.
Here’s the western metaphor: With our present sheriff (Brian Jean) in town, and now a potential new one (Jason Kenny) on the horizon, I envision a re-vitalized and robust right-leaning party. It looks like we’re fixin’ for a shootout with those guys with the black hats someday soon. I’m not into virtual gunfights, but this “town” really needs to be cleaned up.
I’ve always enjoyed a good western, and the showdown at Alberta’s OK Corral may be one of best in decades.

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