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It happened at Myrtle Springs

Posted on May 30, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Craig Funston
I wonder if you have ever heard of Myrtle Springs, Texas? If you’re cool and smart and handsome, say, like me, there’s a pretty good chance you never have. But maybe like me, that once you’ve read the news story, you’ll never forget it.
I’ll leave out the teary response to said story. I would hate to have people know that I have a very, very soft side.
Whatever happened at Myrtle Springs the other day involved an overturned truck in a flood-ravaged region of the state. Another accident, another flood, and another sad event.
Well, not quite so quicko, Zorro.
Google “Myrtle Springs” for yourself to get the whole story. It’s one of the best non-partisan sources of true news (remember that column?). It’s actually a story with a video piece. Words are great, but you know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words.
In short, it’s one of the most profound news stories that I have read in years, maybe even decades
In short, a pickup gets caught in a flash flood, overturns, and a cluster of Good Samaritans (nice term, straight from the Bible) step up to rescue a father and two of his kids, a child and toddler.
Three things stand out in this account:
One, there is a serious effort to save the lives of two children—strangers to the rescuers, to boot; two, the audio allows us to hear a woman desperately praying to God; and three, there is a mixed group of strangers (both black and white) working together on the rescue.
As a living illustration, this rescue brought together in my mind the things that America and Canada desperately really need. They are as follows:
One, saving our children. Every effort was made to save the children. Between the despicable Planned Parenthood and the devastating family break-up, children are always the losers. Their loss may be of hope and safety, or it may even be their life. The abortion business is killing thousands of children before they leave what used to be the safest place in the world, their mother’s womb.
Two, crying out to God. Prayer has been under attack for decades, but prayer is the key to guidance, clarity, and hope. Even Jimmy Kimmel, commenting on a life-saving procedure on his newborn son, talked about “even the atheists were praying”. We need to pray more, even if it’s in just saying grace at a meals.
And three, scrapping the colour barrier. I know black is black and white is white, but we should celebrate our differences. And when real issues emerge, there are no blacks lives that matter anymore than whites lives that matter. All lives matter, and don’t forget that!
There is no black race or white race; we’re all in the human race. We may be different on the outside (remember the “culture” column?), but we’re all the same underneath–because that’s the way we were created.
There are three takeaways from this story: Children matter. There was no debating the baby’s life was worth saving. Prayer matters. Why do people cry out to their Creator only in a time of crisis? And all lives matter. This inane race war, based on a false premise, is going to be our undoing.
So in a day of grungy news and bad endings, this crisis at Myrtle Springs, Texas, was a good one for the ages.
By the way, the kids lived and the family is safely back together again.

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