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Ok, now I am downright mad

Posted on June 20, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger
We are well within the season of summer recreation, festivities, and community events. The warm weather brings us out in droves to enjoy the great outdoors and all the good things that go with it.
It also appears to bring out the bad in some people, as is evident by the RCMP coverage in this week’s paper. A high-speed pursuit, vandalism, and a theft of a truck (not the only one in recent weeks, by the way) have been keeping our hard-working officers on their feet.
When I read the press statement about the vandalism of the landscaping area at Senator Gershaw School, it really ticked me off. I was there taking pics the day the students toiled in the hot sun, planting trees, raking gravel, and doing whatever other chore needed to be done as part of their outdoor education project.
Why on earth would anybody want to be so destructive towards something our young people have worked so hard at?
All those hours of working as a team and learning about landscaping along the way was taken away from these kids. Yah, I am mad and that is without considering the monetary cost involved. An estimated  $1,500 damage was done and for what purpose? Other than to be a destructive ass, there is no other purpose in committing such an act.
I, for one, thought what Corey Schiebelbein and his landscaping students were doing was a wonderful thing for the school and for the students.
Despite the damage caused by vandals, I am still very proud of what the SGS students accomplished and I hope they are too and don’t get discouraged by the acts of a few.

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