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April 19, 2024 April 19, 2024

PRPS board of trustees tables Irvine riding arena decision


Prairie Rose Public Schools board of trustees talked further about the Irvine indoor riding and agriculture arena at their May 11 meeting.

The project is led by the group of Linda Kraft, Nikki Nickolson and Holly Stadnicki and would be a 100-foot-by-250-foot-by 18-foot arena that would be meant for indoor riding school programs and agriculture events.

The committee is asking for the board of trustees to consider between $300,000 to $500,000 upon approval of a matching grant application and be responsible for the monthly operating expenses such as utilities, water and gas.

“The ask is significant,” said Cathy Hogg, Ward 1 board of trustee.

“But I think there is possibilities for significant returns on this. The building could work nicely with the program that’s already part of the Prairie Rose Possibilities farm program at Irvine School—much like the Altario School in Prairie Land that has drawn a lot of new students to the school and community at large. This arena could actually create some revenue to Prairie Rose.”

Board chair Stuart Angle agreed that it is an excellent kind of project that could have significant returns for Prairie Rose and its students.

“It is a big ask,” he said.

“I would like to see more detailed information about the project. I would like to see more of the contract details tidied up and locked up, so we know exactly what we’re committing to for that.”

Redcliff trustee Pam Cursons would like to see more of a long-term outlook on the facility and how it’s operated as well as the expectations.

Oyen trustee Lois Bedwell had some concerns about the arena not being on PRPS land or under their ownership.

The board carried trustee  Bedwell’s motion that the board of trustees table the presentation from the Irvine Ag Society.

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