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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

Posted on July 6, 2023 by Ryan Dahlman

By Samantha Johnson
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Wednesday, July 06, 1910 – The Cayley Hustler

Every time a king or queen dies in England, the coins and stamps are changed. George V is said to be an authority on stamps and all the new designs were reviewed by him. After Queen Victoria died, it was about a year before notice came out about new coins and stamps. Some old issues of stamps with King Edward on them were up for sale last week. King George coins will have his profile looking to the left, King Edward was to the right, Queen Victoria to the left. King Edward prayer books are still on the market and the new King George ones have just gone on sale. There still might be many King Edward VII prayer books in the hands of printers and book-sellers, a dead loss to all.

A farmer 22 miles northeast of High River discovered a body floating in the Bow River on June 30th. Authorities were notified and coroner Nyblatt visited the scene. The body was too decomposed for identification and had likely been in the water for many months. Nyblatt ruled an inquest would not throw any light on the situation and ordered the body to be buried by the river as it was too decomposed to move.

Thursday, July 02, 1914 – Bassano Mail

The CPR better get busy and locate the drilling outfit that was shipped to the town some time ago. The matter has reached such serious proportions that the Spring Poet has taken matters into hand and the following was left on the editor’s desk a few days ago: Have you seen our gas well stuff C.P.R.? Don’t you think it’s rather rough C.P.R.? It came on a car that’s flat, I’m not talking through my hat, for I beat it here on that little car.

Engineer Herbert Long lost his life on Dominion Day while swimming in the CPR canal about three miles from Bassano. Long and several others were at the their favourite spot and he had not been in the water long when he sunk to the bottom without a struggle. Those on dryland couldn’t swim and were unable to assist him. The mounted police were notified, but by that time darkness was descending and they couldn’t do anything until the next day, when the body was recovered about noon. Long came to Canada from the north of England five years ago and has made many friends among the young people in Bassano, who are all deeply saddened by his untimely passing.

Friday, July 06, 1916 – The Lomond Press

Carl Saunders of the 49th machine gun battery is home convalescing from active service in France. He was in Lomond this week visiting relatives, accompanied by his mother and father from Okotoks. Saunders was wounded last August in the third battle at Ypres and has not yet regained full fit physical condition. He does not expect to return to the front until next Spring. Many were glad to see him back on Canadian soil.

The Provincial Police of Retlaw were in town this week tracking a case laid by L.J. Fiosia of Badger Lake against a bunch of boys who were being a nuisance against him and his automobile. The paper is not in a position to state developments the case will take.

The conscription bill passed the House in Ottawa this week by a majority of more tan sixty. It only remains for the Senate to pass judgment for the act to become a statute.

Lomond experienced another booze-filled jollification on Thursday night. It was accompanied by several types of language and a little impromptu boxing.

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