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Never too late to perform a random act of kindness

Posted on November 5, 2013 by 40 Mile Commentator

One random act of kindness can make the entire difference, brightening someone’s day through a bought coffee or an unexpected hug.

With no real knowledge of where the term came from, people across the world have been practicing the tradition for years, and on Nov. 1 it hit the area, with the annual Random Act of Kindness Day.

As many celebrated the day, from college kids who wrote their random acts on a white board located near the college Starbucks, to the Redcliff Museum, who offered coffee and cookies to all patrons, the day brought a warm and fuzzy feeling to all those who participated.

Although designated to Nov. 1, with a World Kindness Day gracing the nation on Nov. 13, it has never been set in stone that only two days a year people have the option to do something nice.

Schools teach kindness, trying to instill the action upon Kindergarteners, hoping they take the feel-good memories with them as they grow in life.

With kindness such a rare oddity in modern day society, if children aren’t taught now where will the world end up?

One or two days yearly are not enough for that random act, as any form of kindness brings a smile to most faces.

Every day should feature an act of kindness. This being said, no one is asking you to buy Tim Horton’s for the person in the drive thru behind you each and every day, but this is only one form.

Picking up litter, complimenting a hairstyle, giving a hug or a smile, these are all acts of kindness that can be administered with little effort.

Even something so simple as asking a coworker how their day went can lift spirits.

Random Act of Kindness Day was brought into existence to remind people that a simple act can make the biggest difference, but the truth is you don’t have to wait all year to act on that kindness.

One website has dedicated itself to random acts of kindness, supplying educators with school-friendly ideas, as well as giving those the opportunity to look up ideas or supply their own to the site.

With a database of 332 different kindness ideas, is just one stop on the road to a better tomorrow.

Take a moment in your busy day, and remember that one act of kindness can mean more than you think.

Donating used books to a library, or used clothes to a thrift shop, or even those bags of bottles to the monthly charity of choice, random acts of kindness are supplied around the region free of charge.

If you missed your chance last Friday, just take the opportunity today. Donate a dollar, or a minute of your time, and perform a random act of kindness, and if one was performed to you, take a moment and pay it forward.

You will be glad you did.

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