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Winter driving needs to be taken seriously

Posted on November 18, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

Driving at night, on black ice, and through snowdrifts are some of the dangers of driving in the winter. Now that snow has hit most of Alberta, it is important to drive safe and drive with more caution as you would in summer months with nothing but blue skies and clear conditions.

Some drivers take speed for granted when it comes to winter driving. Sliding, fishtailing and spinning are all things that can happen if there isn’t proper control of your vehicle on public roads. Many people who have pick up trucks in Alberta can have the problem of fishtailing as the back end of the truck doesn’t have the same level of stability as say a car or SUV would have, with balance and heaviness all around. Putting heavy sand bags in the back of the truck or heavy items could help reduce the swaying of the truck if snow tires are not present.

Intersections are a scary instance where accidents can occur, especially in the winter months, as red light turns green and unplanned trucks can get in your way of moving on through the light. Stopping way ahead of time can limit the fear of having a head on collision with another truck as they can then make there way through without cutting you off.

Alberta Transportation says that keeping your vehicle in shape for winter driving is very important. Winterizing the vehicle and carrying an emergency kit is important for winter months, as you never know when or if you will get stuck on the side of a highway for a long period of time waiting for that tow truck. Keeping the gas half full or above should also be considered for long distance driving, especially on highways. If the highway says 110 kilometers, it doesn’t mean that must be done, as road conditions could be severe, making that speed dangerous. Cruise control should never be used, as a driver should always have their own control of his or her vehicle.

Many accidents that occur in the wintertime are due to speed or other drivers sharing the road. Around those sharp turns, it’s important to go slow and look out for others, as you don’t want to end up in the ditch. Sharing the road with others should be treated as a privilege and should be done carefully at all times, especially in the winter, as it is the most dangerous.

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