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A little drive in the country to refresh the mind

Posted on April 25, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

Traveling can be a costly expenditure at the best of times. Now with flights getting costlier by the day and gas prices always fluctuating on the hour, it has to make one wonder “where’s a happy balance?” when you can’t afford to get away to paradise.
It’s a given that those factors can really put a dagger into travel plans for many people especially with the summer months approaching.
Well, as tired as it sounds being in the same town you reside in year round , think again because the appreciation for the local surroundings goes enormously unnoticed by citizens because they don’t know about the beautiful area they live in and can explore in the future. So take the opportunity to drive solo for 15-30 minutes outside of town because a discovery is waiting for you to find and rave about when you arrive back at the  patio with friends and get a sense of appreciation for where you live.
Additionally, a drive never hurts in refreshing the mind because a change of scenery can bring someone back much more motivated to the workplace and at home. Being in the same place all the time can lead to a mushy brain and that can lead to extreme boredom, which is detrimental to ones wellness sometimes.
Everyone is different in how they travel but become creative in where your destination is because it might be an experience you’ll never forget and will cherish forever becasue it was worth the trip outside the city limits. Road trips are a chapter in a lot of lives that aren’t opened up enough because it’s not of interest, but for others it opens the door to a world of opportunities to gain knowledge of local area and to pass on to fellow travelers. You might regret or you might not but at least you said you tried So turn up the tunes and enjoy the simplicities of your own backyard as a ‘mini-vacation’.

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