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Don’t hold your breath on Trudeau’s visits west

Posted on August 1, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

Well as most of this country knows, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made his rounds around Canada since he became the head of the helm in 2015 and has most notably approved the Keystone and Trans Mountain pipeline projects, which is big news for job seekers in the current state of this economy.
Big bonus.
He has shown initiative to rally behind the wild fire devastation in BC because he should. After all he is the leader of our nation and should be at these catastrophic events as required to offer his support. It is common sense in most cases.
Speaking of support… there is a feeling in these parts that Trudeau has attended more areas of Canada for their needs more than others, including Alberta.
The guy excluded this province from his speech on Canada Day and redeemed himself after the fact but still “Why the exclusion?”
Trudeau said to CBC after that he was a little embarrassed about the hiccup in his on Parliament Hill to thousands of Canadians.
Canada is an ‘inclusive’ country for many people to come start a new life in and Trudeau is being ‘exclusive’ to his own nation with his forgetfulness.
It was even a last minute decision to attend the 2017 Calgary Stampede due to his schedule being too compact.
Two simple things in this last month could have been easily fixed on his part but really feels like two strikes.
Alberta has the oil and gas industry that make up a majority of this country’s natural resources and a an area he needs to put more effort into.
In its current state, the economy is still in the basement and is just starting to look up and it seems Trudeau can not make it a primary focus and rather pay out a terrorist $10 million?
This province is deserving of better treatment from our supposed leader.
Quit playing head games with Albertans and maybe come and see where your food and job prospects come from.
This is a concept for a former drama teacher but all these little mishaps become highly dramatic problems in the long run.
Alberta should look forward to some more visits soon right JT? I would not hold your breath folks.

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