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Sports officials need to be trained for even the oddest situations

Posted on August 29, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

Referees, umpires, goal judges, video replay people, you name it, are all a part of how a sports game operates on a nightly basis. That is a given and will never change unless sports takes a turn for the worse, which is highly unlikely.
Speaking of taking a turn of worse, it is safe to say that umpires lately have not had handle on certain situations as of late.
There is no doubt game officials are put into pressure cookers all the time and there will be missed calls because there is so much going on all at once.
However, that does not mean they should have a lack of focus when it comes to multiple bench brawls and fists be thrown.
Ejections and suspensions are automatic but games should never come to three on-field altercations.
Umpires need to be trained more on issuing more warnings and handling certain situations such as brawls because players have been dictating the outcome of these scrumbs recently and really need an eye-opening tutorial on when these situation arise.
If players start handling the game’s extra cirriculars on the diamond, it will be of no ones benefit and leave a negative image in sports.
Professionalism needs to be preached because it is not there right now and these “supervisors” need to take back control over the recess kerfuffles.
In baseball especially, punches are rarily thrown but that’s the way it should be because players will be looking for it and it has no place in the sport.
Calls need to be tightened more to the point where the athletes know who the leader is on the field and not some push-over in a black uniform.
A well called game will go along way in the appreciation of sports.
Fans get the entertainment value, but it is down at field level where issues need be cleaned up.

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