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Plenty of time to make informed decisions about your next municipal leaders

Posted on September 28, 2021 by 40 Mile Commentator

Well, another federal election has come and gone. What a relief! But, another more important election is on the horizon — municipal elections throughout Alberta. On Oct. 18, Albertans will head to the polls once again to elect their next local leaders, and those decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Especially, since mayors and council take communities to the next level or communities stay stagnant and become outdated antiquities.

For whatever reason, it seems, many communities lack voter turnout and/or buzz. Even though candidates reach out to local media, bombard the Interweb with their ‘good’ intentions and cover the landscape with signs and whatnots, sometimes voters just don’t seem to care. Municipal elections don’t seem to matter, as much — when it surely should. For the next month, candidates will be knocking on doors, fist-pumping or elbow knocking (due to COVID) and will be involved in forums and the like. There’s plenty of time to make informed decisions about your next municipal council.

So what’s the hold up Bub? Local newspapers, online and in print, are beginning to offer glimpses of how candidates are going to wow you! And, radio, TV and a barrage of online platforms will easily satisfy one’s thirst for knowledge, in regards to future municipal politics. There hasn’t been a better time in history than 2021 to gain invaluable information — at your fingertips and without having to leave the house. Even municipal candidate forums are now live streamed for your viewing pleasure from your very own living room and couch.

In the coming weeks, the weeklies and dailies in the Southern Alberta Newspapers family will be providing candidate profiles and integral information regarding the upcoming election in October. This will be an opportune time to check out what each candidate has to offer your community. Hopefully, each candidate will come to the table with a variety of skills and the willingness and know how to represent the community the candidate would like to serve — petty personal agendas aside. 2021 is a time for change, as the world gets used to a new way of life, post-pandemic (it is hoped sooner than later).

There will be some tough decisions municipal councils will have to make moving forward in Alberta. Not everyone will be happy with decisions made. But, if a newly-elected council has its community’s back — then each community can prosper and be the best community it can be. But, it does take a village to raise a growing and evolving community. Collaboration, working collectively, compromise and playing nice in the sandbox are key aspects to creating a successful council. Being open and honest and owning up to mistakes is also a noble idea too.

Over the next few weeks, Albertans are tasked with the job of electing councils throughout the province. These councils will be a part of the bigger provincial picture. Each municipality in Alberta is unique and offers a chance for Alberta communities to excel and to be better than ever. But, it all starts with one simple thing — a vote. From one vote, change can propel a community into something special. Albertans can be a part of the local decision-making process by selecting the proper people to lead their community into the next chapter of its lifecycle.

Vote locally to make changes in YOUR community.

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