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The real people behind the press

Posted on November 2, 2023 by Ryan Dahlman

It’s no secret that thousands of news stories are published in Canada each day. From local community features to national breaking news stories, the people behind the press work tirelessly to ensure readers have access to credible news they can trust.

But who exactly are the people behind the press? It could be the person sitting next to you at your favourite coffee shop or the spectator who cheers on your local little league each week; it’s someone in the community just like you!

And just like you, the people behind the press care deeply about their community – so much so that they’ve made it their life’s work to keep citizens informed and connected. At the core of every newspaper is a team of real people committed to telling real stories that impact the lives of those in their community.

Champions of the truth come in many forms. It could be journalists and photographers who are on the ground capturing these stories as they happen – using the power of words and imagery to make change. It could be publishers and editors who keep their newsrooms buzzing with opportunities to ensure that community stories make it beyond local borders. Or cartoonists who help readers interpret these same stories visually.

There are a handful of powerhouses behind every story who all have one common goal: keeping our democracy thriving through vibrant, independent and local news media.

We should celebrate the people behind the press for their ongoing commitment to keeping communities connected and our democracy thriving through credible reporting. While they might be people in your community, they are also champions of the truth.

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