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Bow Island pool needs more attention from Town

Posted on May 26, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

May 20, 2015

Dear Editor,

I find myself feeling it necessary to express my concerns regarding one of the town’s recreation facilities.  What with a very early spring,  I allowed myself to be optimistic that this would result in an earlier opening than usual for the swimming pool this season.  But this is most certainly not going to happen.  One might have thought that when Scott Borland announced it would be his last summer last year, someone would think it prudent to follow him around and  take notes in hopes that his retirement would not be too keenly felt.  This must not have occurred.  During my frequent walks, I noticed that the pool was late getting drained, at least two weeks late draining the antifreeze, late being pressure washed and as of this writing still could not be taped and painted.   This is quite frankly unacceptable.  I can think of no reason short of mismanagement that this pool could not have been open by May 20th, and in fact this pool should be open every year by this date, rain or shine.  The Town needs to make it a priority in April to see that the Public Works staff that is necessary to get this facility up and running is deployed in a timely manner.  The pool has not been open in May since 2008.  Again, unacceptable.  The swimming pool is by far the most heavily utilized recreational facility by patrons in this town.  If the ice plant at the rink can run from early October until the end of March, we should be able to get a solid 14-15 weeks in the water.  This tax payer would like to see the pool start to get the attention it deserves.


Cathy Riley
Bow Island

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