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Wood admires Levant for principled stance

Posted on April 5, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

The Editor

You recently found a reason to editorialize about commentator Ezra Levant, referring to him rather dismissively. Although I am not familiar with his writings, I admire Mr. Levant for his principled stance for freedom in the midst of the “political correctness” of today.
I am always pleased to find an independent source of information to counter the left/liberal bias of the mainstream media, which tends to report only what it wants the public to believe when ideological issues are involved.
You also reported yet another outrage perpetrated by an unreasonable and unaccountable Human Rights Commission, one of the quasi-judicial bodies appointed in Canada with good intentions but which too often penalize the innocent to promote their own form of justice.
I sometimes wonder also at the creative machinations of the Supreme Court, which at times also seem agenda-driven.
I think there is a shortage of justice in Canada, where political correctness triumphs over both fairness and good sense.

Charmaine Wood

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