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No winners in Elkwater Marina debacle

Posted on April 20, 2023 by Ryan Dahlman

Re: “Boat Owners Dismayed…” April 4, 2023

The boat slip leasers are the only ones contributing to the expenses of maintaining the marina at $700 per season or $150 per month.

We expected this money to be designated to upkeep and rebuilding the marina and slips at the end of their life. But no – due to fuzzy bookkeeping by the parks, the money was deposited in their slush fund.

If the boat slips are not replaced, there will be two losers, The government will lose the rental funds of approximately 40 slips, year after year, and boaters will lose the amenity of berthing their boats throughout the summer. Everyone loses.

Regarding maintenance on the planks, I saw no evidence of any maintenance as I walked past a broken two-inch plank on the way to my boat – all summer long. It seems no effort was made towards upkeep.

Underwater planks had been fastened with short lag screws that were pulling out. Longer lags would solve that problem.

Regarding Elkwater being the only marina operated by the government – be proud of that designation and make that a part of the Alberta Advantage. Or, is our government in a race to the bottom?

It’s not too late to fix this, as parks is still in their planning stage and looking for proposals. Do not tear out the marina until parks is prepared to do the complete refurbishment.  

Parks and the Alberta Government should remember they are elected to work for us and not themselves. Continue collecting the only outside funds and start putting them towards marina maintenance and rebuilding again, in the future.

Nelson D. Hogg

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